October 6, 2020

"When we first crossed paths with Jaron Hall, we were watching him on lead guitar for the post punk band El Lago. What intrigued us most about his playing was not just that he could play lead in two completely different projects, but that he could bring his own touch to both with ease."

—David Garrick

September 4, 2020

"The fifty plus minute performance features songs from the band’s latest EP Pyramid alongside songs from their debut full length Colors. Fans of the band who have never caught them live get a glimpse into their energy while also getting to hear their music in a live setting."

—Closed Captioned

August 20, 2020

"We at Closed Captioned and the team at Wonky Power wanted a lineup that represented the best that Houston has to offer. The addition of Hayes Carll was a whim and we’re glad to add his stellar songwriting skills to the headliners like Fat Tony, Narrow Head, Kam Franklin, Gio Chamba, El Lago, B L A C K I E and Sergio Trevino."

—Closed Captioned

May 21, 2020

"As the city is slowly opening back up, bars and music venues are trying to find ways to roll with the new normal. Axelrad, the eclectic outdoor midtown bar, planned an innovative event weeks before the Governor announced his decision to begin phase two of reopening the state. Axelrad will be hosting a drive-in, rooftop concert on Saturday, May 23 featuring local psych rockers El Lago and Flower Graves."

—Houston Press

May 21, 2020

"Axelrad has collaborated with Wonky Power Live to host the socially distant drive-in concert live from their rooftop with sound broadcast via FM transmitter to guests in their cars. The concert is sold out with proceeds going directly to the bands, Axelrad staff, and a portion going to the Houston Arts Alliance and the Houston Music Foundation."

—CW39 Houston

March 27, 2020

"With pulsing basslines, percussive blasts, and Eddy’s breathy vocals, El Lago creeps into darkly dizzying spells in not only their instrumentation but with their anxiety-provoking visual elements as well."

—Rebel Noise

March 25, 2020

"A very much welcome turn to a darker, post punk-bent sound, ultimately resulting to something very genuine that also stood out as one of the year's highlights.

Moths is one of the record's coldest and bleakest moments, a piece through which the band's density, dedication and forward thinking mindset shined, showing their keenness on approaching their art from a completely different scope. Now the song comes with a dark-tinged, sci-fi-like, dreamy and almost Lynchian new video courtesy of Lindsey Cooper and Sergio Trevino, starring the band themselves."


February 10, 2020

"What’s impressive about the EP is that it’s a glimpse into what is coming. Touching on their past while dipping their toes into a more post-punk sound, the songs have a tenebrosity to them without getting mired in sadness or gloominess. El Lago is the perfect mix between a band rising up and a truly independent artist, and we wanted to share a bit of their world with anyone who’d listen."

—David Garrick

December 12, 2019

"Texan shoegazers, El Lago turn toward a darker, avant-garde direction, presenting an approach which seems utterly compatible with the straightforward shoegaze sound of their 2017 LP. Pyramid plays out like an exploratory, daring attempt by an auspicious band whose audaciousness payed off quite well from all appearances and sounds."


October 28, 2019

"From the striking spunk of opening piece, Citadel, to the dark coldness of Moths and the psychedelic expansiveness of Solo, the stellar Pyramid is full of overpowering highlights. El Lago make a firm forward step, appearing like a first rate shoegaze act which doesn't hesitate to make a reality out of their nonconformist and clear vision for their art."


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