turn the lock

pull the chain

I can’t hear you

beating walls 

this citadel

I defend you


turn the clock

pull the string

I can hit you

beating walls

this citadel

I defend you   


false horses come obediently

lay their heavy dark heads down


you close your eyes 

just to imagine

a hero who could bring them low

don’t turn your back

and take an action

hit back before they see the blow




sweet, sweet tears

am I free again?

dig the roots under me

shake the drops from the branches

am I free again?

no shadowing over me

release; I’ll never return to—

to you


and as I stand

here on the threshold

I see endlessly

and I am directionless


turn your eyes to the Gulf

I’m losing all in its reaches








I search

your eye

it’s no window

it’s an opaque stone


and the urge

fight or fly

you can reason

but it won’t let go


I know

therefore I know

and it’s deeper

and it’s deeper than my mind


hundred moths


and they’re wheeling

and they’re shuddering inside


now take one 

in your hand

do a study

rub the color from its wings


take note

dead dust

only dust

did you discover anything?


hundred times


and they’re not telling

but they’re not telling you a lie




tonight I drifted

to a different age

it was not yet to late

we had the power

if we could organize

and disassemble it

stone by stone

the entire pyramid


a sudden jolt in the backseat and I know

we’re going way too fast

but it’s out of my control

I don’t think it’s our time yet

I don’t know how to change it

I don’t think it’s our time yet


soon we will untie

every bond; we’ll climb

and stone by stone

level the pyramid




every path diverges

as you discard an allegiance

every path an uncharted distance

it’s no clearer at the top


troubled water, the exchanges

in the kitchen; where’s the courage in this war?

oil and water in a jar

separating on the countertop


solo expeditioner


you can sleep through the ways we change

the evolution as each stage comes in

wave upon wave

I’m the banner in the field

before I stand down

you know I’ll shred in the wind


solo expeditioner

© Lyrics by Lauren Eddy